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Jul 2022
It was a, late night,
I never forget the pictures
In my eyesight,
Iight, just another drama, slash
****** and comma,
Cuz I'ma,
Take you on a one way street, where the
Devil's love to meet,
Beyond the crossroads, many
Guns explode,
See how many souls go,
To heaven but this life is hell,
How can I dwell,
In the house of the Lord,
When all the commandments failed,
Miss the extension of jail, Executed Moses route well,
Staffs turned into snakes, let it rattle
And bite at the Jakes,
It's been war since man,
Crawled out the slime,
Scents of apple pine, fogged its
Way from the treeline,
Had freedom, took sins over
The Garden of Edem, preachers sayin' believe 'em,
Tiers of heaven, I seen 'em,
Gnostic wisdom, watch me bleed 'em,
Manual scripts,
Serenade ya mind from the words encrypt,
Came off the mothership,
Every body tries to dip,
When death confronts em,
They wanna redeem,
But ain't no redeemin',
When the curves sickle is gleamin',
From the sunshine beamin,
Hunters of heaven,
Got demons screamin', either it be physical
Or spiritual,
Some folks do it for commercial, I do it
For the love of the dough,
Wait that's the worlds motto,
Greed love ecstasy and jealousy
Loves to follow,
Open up ya soul like a hallow,
Point blank,
At the purgatory gates, waiting
To get a thanks,
From the sender, no pretender
No exits only an enter,
Tormented by pain, died in vain, repeat
Visions of gore, on the window pane,
Down the walls engrained,
People standing,
Tryna make sense of the madness,
That came,
Three thousands flames,
Lit up and let the balloons go,
Welcome to the Passover show,
I still feel the pain from Lot,
Too many quick to body rot,
Tears of thunder, running down my face
Like snot,
Another victim next up for the plot,
****** sees no races,
Like the judges over court cases,
Only money is the culprit,
Feds to states love to benefit,
A Soulless maze, beyond where
Tactics are made,
No sun lemonade, we prefer dark shades,
While folks ain't seeing,
How the country is raid,
Guns on every corner played,
By the mass media,
Spitting cycle's of wars encyclopedia,
Y'all need ta,
Pay attention to the real, hot shots of the steel,
Leaving folks with a dead conscious appeal,
Let's be real,
I'm like hairs that still, from the coldness
That brings the chill,
Armors of a golden shield, dressed for combat, so I'm ready to ****,
Any intruder, take you through the thrills of
To suit ya,
Mind at ease, walk with me  through the galaxy of Galilee,
Reduction of chaos, so
Keep ya stress pain free,
You in the presence of the Godly,
Bloodline of King Paiimon
Written by
Bloodline of King Paiimon  26/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth
(26/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth)   
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