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Jul 2022
I got the magic touch,
that's shift like a clutch,
No automatic,
Only to my foes who cause static,
Rap fanatic,
Since day one, since my birth some,
Spiritual ****,
Dawned on me from adolescence,
To adulthood,
I was misunderstood, as a kid still tryna
Find me a gig,
I can stick to, dusted off the sadness,
Pioneered summer madness,
Potency too high, to pass this,
Love the girlies with the fat *****,
Peep the classics,
As I make like a biblical Ecclesiastic,
I'm Thomas times two,
Black version of Sun Tzu,
If you ain't feeling me,
I got heat that'll feel you,
Thrill you,
Michael Jackson of this rap game,
But no R and B ****,
From hell to the heavens feel this,
Grill this,
One to ya dome, til I touch
The funeral home,
I sit like Hermes all alone, on the high
And almighty throne,
God gave me this curse, but why, make a blessing
Out of the worse,
Never chased the thirst,
I get a ****** healing, from the old Egyptian goddesses appearin',
Over my flesh, in the form of a ghost, telling me I'm the closest to host,
Next to God's of the Olympus rougher than
The streets of Memphis,
But ain't no Kingin' me ****, watch fo the Jesse's around me,
Cuz ya closest friends to thee,
Be ya main enemy,
Check the
Caesar to Brutus analogy,
Old age philosophy, sorry but no apology,
My manhood confronts me,
True masculinity in the,
Face of the media hate me well,
But I was made tough, so
It's hard to crack this shell,

Yo Nas closed the session,
Well let me re-open the session,
Count the blessin',
That I've been givin', minus the stressin',
Mics I'm testin',
MC lyte type chicks, too my left
And my right,
Played Poor George hype, watch for the verbs, when I snipe,
Steel mosquito too many shots of Cuervo,
Reformed my circle,
Expose those, tryna sink my vessel,
Coffin seats, when I
Ride in the caddy or the linc,
Open ya eyes, but don't blink,
Or ya might miss, a witness
Of my magnificence,
Something for ya soul,
To replenish this,
Never held my hand on the bible,
Only nines three eighty's and my rifles,
Haters love to leech a spoonful,
Of greed,
cut off the ties, and watch em bleed,
John Wick tactics,
Reflexes like a cat flip, change the plays
Of the script,
The world ain't yours, if hells on earth,
Never done, with the spiritual chores,
Got a few scars,
Bench presses chest cut tight, and pull ups
On the bars,
Aiyo, I aim pass the stars, yo I'm serious, dogon knowledge,
Got me feelin' superior,
Hotter than the heat, that shines
On your interior,
Make foes inferior,
Black faces taking over the races,
Check the history trigger,
Blast from the past,
Spin chaos like Taz, old school Satchmo
Razzmatazz, spaz,
Over beats like this, plus the ice is crisp,
Like the drink in my cup,
Keep ya Hennessy up,
Silence the corrupt, once I step on the scene, I focused on points,
Instead of cream,
Follow ya dream, dish the team, silencers
Scoped for the beams,
Laser eye fly guy, sound the thunder, watch me the god, appear from the skies,
Bloodline of King Paiimon
Written by
Bloodline of King Paiimon  26/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth
(26/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth)   
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