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Jul 2022
Goodbye my uncle Dennis Randall
It is sad to see you go
But you died in January
So you return in November
To your new family
I knew you invented oil
Burning tyres and ****
But what’s up woods will
Welcome you to their family
A month before Christmas
You see you will have a lively
Family, just like you would like
You see I don’t care, Dennis
How many people liked or hated you
But this family will love you
You will be a little girl
A bundle of joy for your mum
And your dad loves you
Just like we did
Ommmmmmm goodbye Dennis
Ommmmmmm have a good next life
Ommmmmmm what’s up woods is for you
Ommmmmmm every year you will celebrate in November
Ommmmmmm near thanksgiving
Ommmmmmm you will celebrate that to
Ommmmmmm I can’t wait to hear your new name
Dennis Randall
Goodbye from the Allan’s and gimberts
And others
Enjoy what’s up woods
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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