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Jul 2022
Why don’t you believe in Athena
When it comes to your teeth
Well, kind sir it is because
She is the god of war and not teeth
Why don’t you worry about
The chords all around
Well, kind sir it is a safety hazard you see
You could end up dead
Why don’t you like me sleeping
In my lounge room
Especially when it is more comfy for me
Well, kind sir I reckon we all
Should sleep in our bed
Why don’t you let me have expired tablets
I think they still ****** work
No, kind sir you will ***** like mad
And end up in the morgue
Why don’t you hate me eating chicken
Well past it’s prime
Well kind sir you will end up with saminella and others and it could be your time
Why don’t you feel sorry for tourists
On border security who have two bags of
Prohibited goods
Well, kind sir it damages our land
And that isn’t good
Why don’t you fell sorry for
The people on rbt or highway patrol
Because, kind sir they drive so dangerously
Really really really
Why don’t you like our prime minister
Even if he tries to mend ties
You see, kind sir a lot of us
Are really dying like flies
Why do you want criminals to get away with ****
Well, kind sir some people didn’t do their crime
Why don’t you like Facebook and Instagram you see
Because kind sir it is social media
And you must be careful you see
Why don’t you watch YouTube
With you relatives at your house
You see kind sir we don’t have much data
And squeezes us quiet as a mouse
Why don’t you get the data
By telling the internet provider you watch YouTube so you need more data
Well, kind sir I ain’t that interested in the things you are
Why don’t you support NSW
Instead of the maroons
But kind sir, I am loyal to Queensland
More so than the blues
Why do you like the queen
And at the same time want us to be a republic
Well kind sir I like the world
And everyone and thing in it
Oh yeah bow bow
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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