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Jul 1
I follow the code
You already kno
I be quick with it
Like I gotta get it and go...
Hard hitter like head shot.
Flying high. Spacebound. Ya'll be Trippin over Moonrocks.
Big bang. Black super sayian .
Tell Isaiah, his daddy is a Thrill seeker.
For the ****! Go hard as the Game, its all gucci gang!
**** a hater. I am a magician.Β Β I'll make you a believer.
My power level is over 9000 maxed out Gogetta!

[verse 1 Descovia]
I cannot *** with no man
That has no love for his child
My boy is the reason I PUT IN MILES
I laugh, I live and love to make ppl smile
Live your life right or drown in denial
Suffocating for everything I wanted to be!!
From childhood to now
I followed the code the G
You progress or you fail It's
all setbacks on repeat!
I did this, for the fact I needa release!
Play with my fire
Like a ***** wont bring the Heat!
Eat. Sleep. **** the beat.
Faded in smoke
it's all Resting in peace
Memurized from the last moments of magical memories.
Pray for restoration from the mayhem
manipulated by aspects misery
Make connections I am one wit tetris. Don't any of you.
Anybody, i show love to publicily
I swear MOST OF YALL, swear you're bllndly following freely, I am no leaader
Ya'll help leading me, I'll be ****** if another soul leaves without their wings.
Everything aligns in order I am organizing an assembly!
Thank god for Demi Lovato,
for bringing me for my eyes to see
the Demi God in one as me!

I follow the code
Never needed yo vote
May the universe be with you
for ******, be doing most.
You already kno
I be quick with it
Like I gotta get it and go...
Super sonic. Mind infused to the cosmic
Hard hitter like head shot. Do what I got toΒ Β for all my people.
We gotta eliminate all the evil
Big bang. Black super sayian. When I am gone.
Tell Isaiah, his daddy is-a Thrill seeker.
For the **** Go hard as the Game its all gucci gang,
get your grind up. Before your time's up!!!!

[verse 2]
I'll spill blood for protection of every child's name
My chaos is controlled. I'll have you hooked. it's melodic
I am a burning phoenix, get wrapped in phonics
Think twice,it's all phenomenal, it's a process!
Don't rush your time...
Enjoy and relish
in my boy's progress.
**** my existence? I'm just living.
Why you easily offended
by misleading contents?
Take it out of element
Exploit Different contexts!
You got this baby boy, baby girl.
Don't rush it, it's no contest
I am not giving in to the evil.
**** the nonsense, from a Dr...we learned
I have no sense-sincerely
My reflection can't mirror me!
Superior-supposedly, not intimidated by inferiority.
Change your ****. Make your move. Do things differently.
Cold as fire. No Ice. May lost souls wondering find liberty.
Infinity can go in for me, I'll show you all, there's nothing that limits me!
Written by
Descovia  30/M/78045
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