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May 2022
"I think you're going to leave me."
You said it so sincerely
It took my breath away.
Your eyes were focused on the road,
You didn't even look at me when you said it.
That's how I knew you really meant it.
Why would you say that?
I asked you.
Twisting my hair around my fingers,
Cheeks blushing with offense.
"Because you're not used to this"
You waived your hands over your body,
"You're not used to normality,
You don't know what to do with someone
Who actually loves you."
That's not true.
When I said it you smiled,
Putting your hand on top of mine
For only a moment.
"You're a beautiful person"
You said,
"I hope you can remember that
When I'm not here to remind you."
A conversation we had a few months before our breakup.
Tabbitha Erceg
Written by
Tabbitha Erceg  23/F/Fargo
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