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Feb 2022
I reach up
Up above my head
Further than I could get
My whole body to go

I feel nothing
For there is nothing there

I'm surrounded by darkness
By cold
And by silence
Like drowning
In an ocean wave

I can breath
But when there is nothing
To breath for
Why would I want
To breath at all?

I can move
And stumble around
But I make no progress
And go nowhere
For every step
Just leaves more darkness behind
And even more infront
So why move at all?

So I may aswel sit
And think away
The never ending time
That has no light
To guide me through
To tell me how long I've been
Lost in this darkness

I cannot escape
And I cannot die
For when there's nothing around
You cannot do anything
But lay on the ground

But I begin to ponder
And I begin to wonder
Is there even a ground
Beneath my feet at all?

For all I know there isnt
For all I know I'm just falling
But when there's nothing around
And no light to be found
You begin to assume
That you just float

So until I find a light
To guide me through
The never ending nothing

I shall just float
I shall just think
I shall just lay down
And give in
To nothing
Written by
Raven  18/F/The middle of empty
(18/F/The middle of empty)   
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