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Jul 2010
I'm here,
just here alone,
laying on this very bed
wishing you were next to me.

Is it so crazy that I
feel your warmth, your arms
wrapped around me.
I smell your scent,
that ongoing cologne,
so unbearable.
Those eyes,
oh wow, those big brown eyes,
just looking down at me.

Is it sad to say that I already
miss you like crazy?
It's only been a few hours,
but all i can hear
are the ticking sounds of the clock
and your whispers.

The pleasures that run through
my very own soul, my body
when you express yourself.
My hands tremble, waiting,
just waiting to feel your skin again.
My lips waiting to be kissed.
Mind spinning like a rollercoaster.

Am I obsessed?
Going nuts? Crazy? Pathetic? Weird?

I lay my head on my pillow, turning to my left,
a smile forced with my lips.
I'm staring at, holding onto, kissing,
what could have been you.
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