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Aug 2013
please don't move a muscle
don't mutter, don't breathe
like a photographed creature
I know you hate being confined

but I don't trust those mischievous
fingers of time and earth
as they dabble with our very beings
pocket a penny of your boundless worth

this us is not celestial
nor a flawless perfect scene
but it's chaos, it's inked lyrics on skin
and somehow there's space for you and me

between the endless open road ideas
born in this cardboard ghost town
and our opinions too fierce for them to hear
honesty never pleases the crowd

alone I know I don't belong here
but with you it's not just ok
we accept we're in no way superior
just speaking a different language

how did I find you as you are?
this ideal second set of eyes
to view this vast expanse of maps
like you cut through the undergrowth of lies

a world of black and white laid out
before us, car bonnets as the beach sun sets
and our colours bleed into the monochrome
I'm rich if this dream is all I have left
Miryam L
Written by
Miryam L  Ireland
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