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Aug 2013
the elitists have decided lilred is worthy of their presence
that she is funny enough to banter her way through their parties
that she, but none of her other friends
has graduated to the upper-classmen
"make sure you tell her to keep it quiet
not to tell those other people where she's going tonight"
it is a privilege
to hang with the dog-eaters
to sip from solo cups
standing with legs crossed
eyes rolling
at the antics of the elitist boys

but lilred doesn't want to be
another toy
in their collection
to be brought out
when the parties drag
wound up
let loose.
lilred knows
just what goes on
lilred likes her other friends
who don't
but poor lilred
she still

welcome to
the elitists
it's hard to say no to being wanted
Written by
Redshift  F
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