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Dec 2021
Fallen, Oldster-shadow-wise sure Deficiency; breakers are trampling on the abyss of my attentive presence! Career-hungry celebrities will soon have a promising gate of opportunity! On a thin rope of pain, you are forced to balance Being, while the ironed shadow over your head recedes! They step on my naked soul immediately, without question, the False-honest who have not learned to profess the Truth! I am no longer amazed, but every day I am disappointed with an important little slice! In whom can I ignite the flames of the Universe again to make our hearts pound at a pace ?!
As a child of the nyapic half-nail of human-leaning grasses, it would be good to cling to the love stars of hopeful gazes! I live in a city of uncertain swings, and I have to realize every day I can barely make it! All Life: two-walled, closed room! Prisoners and captors interrogate each other in the murdering Silence! And in each thief's hand, Humanity and Humility are blackened! Who may know that the relative of fear is always one step ahead of Death!
Listening to battered faith, I was forced to put up with Man and didn’t even ask what I wanted? Massive armies of intruders push aside the thoughtless incomprehensible, while stigma patches of shame burn on the other’s purple face! The one who has grieved with his loneliness is embarking on a long journey and can hardly reconcile! - Jackal, nobody's house Jackals are brushing their saw teeth on saliva-free prey: In a world of fame-chasing, **** monkey world, we are sparing mercilessly! A storm could finally escape my sail, if I could have someone next to me holding hands.
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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