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Dec 2021
What is right, for me,
may be
not right for you, see.

You rightly may be a nut

existing essentially alienated LH cross threaded

and waiting,
(if you do not wait, what good may come?)
and waiting to find a *****
or a bolt that might
tighten you the wrong way, just right. Relearn a thing
• The six great simple machines are
• the *****,
• the inclined plane,
• the lever,
• the pulley,
• the wedge and
• the wheel and axle.

From <>

• Mnemonics (devices to aid memory)
• date back to the 5th century BC and
• Simonides of Ceos, {Key-os, almost chaos}
• who developed the method
• of loci (locations), later used
• by Roman orators
• to remember long speeches.

• ssstopthedots
With loci,
a series of locations are memorized,
then an object is associated with part
of the speech.
Next a visual image is created
with one
of the objects
in each location, and
during the speech, the orator simply needs
to visualize each location.
Are we on the same page, this is where  portions of hope
• bubble

list listen cut and gluonic sniffit ifit bleeds, it leads
this is readyreadergnoshitstor re
solved, remember, the landmarks hold old stories.
- of course you know them- the idea is to ever know them\
- unbelieve the lies those storys matured under to endure
- to now when riddle spoilers loosed that FTA spell,
- donchaknow we learned ***** from shinola pretty soon
numbing error ringer dinger sounds,
associations and catchy-phrases.
server ; err
Ken Pepiton
Written by
Ken Pepiton  74/M/Pine Valley CA
(74/M/Pine Valley CA)   
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