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Dec 2021
In the interactions between the human body, as he is mesmerized by a smile of Heaven, his eyes stray as flirtatious Angels stared at Jacob's ladder! You have to move from hardship to hovering and you don't feel that everything has happened in vain! Eyes superstitious with respect to the weight of the earthly Eden are bound, and the refuge — apart from the Universe — is all uncertain! The psychological fire of attraction pulls our wounded souls back into the Present! "There can be no shadow of impending Death, only fear!"
The enchanting rainbow of eyes can only be blinded in faithfulness in love! In the depths of dusk, how does a Star of Bethlehem guide us ?! - What is left of your fatty breast milk on urgent request? You would eagerly **** the life-giving kisses of Being that has bound itself to you with its love! An orphaned stalactite cave has also become the donated teary eye that sees everything awake! Scattered fates remained in the scattered knots of Destiny! The bone-dry wave depth of Silence addresses you as a minute; the rhythm of the drumming echoes in your ears!
Only your dear can guess where you are! With two arms, you would surely embrace the peace you find; you would not be so vulnerable to Nirvana's loneliness! "The roaring basket of skulls is sprouting today, instead of sparkling intellect!" Instead of kisses, a thickened membrane is strained on the withered boards of worn-out palate floors! The seductive Light tolerates under the jawbone…
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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