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Oct 2021
I deliberately get out of the camp of unsolicited, brain-playing, phlegmatic song trees, chroniclers who want to prevail at all costs! If I have been guilty so far, it is that I trusted some, deserving many, to see if the provable help will come with good friendship! From the horrors of cheap scandals, I’m going to the wall and I’m unable to comprehend why there are only outcasts in donkey ladder careers?! I deliberately avoid deliberate outbursts and the danger of phenomenal exotic women! In civil spheres, the path of hardly deserved assertions is practically more bumpy!
Infertile misunderstandings can lead to phenomenal baby dolls left behind by childish homesickness after new challenges! Even the tabloid media is increasingly serving the American way of life with buffet methods in a syrupy way! In whose image glowing embers are puffy phlegm-****, as a synonym for ordered tahu; as a comedian false-witness, he grins or fools with a grinning-silly witness — since he hardly understands anything else! - We are already confronted with the irrefutable: the Heroes are either extinct or lost!
Already counting conspirators should be laughed at; push scrambled eggs into a nasty-jampec head, let them smell! Why is it true for honest players that shame awaits at the end of every game ?! They selfishly make false trophies for themselves from rumors of losers! The younger donkey generation will soon be taken over by the cheap stars who live their institutionalized social life! - It is better if everyone learns that laurel gassers are constantly on the laurel! The "I have nothing to do" track is becoming more and more popular! Free fall has been banned!
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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