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Oct 2021
Childhood Lost

When on the wings of a gentle breeze
Came the enticing scent of flowers
To nudge me awake and out of my bed
To  greet the new sunny summer day,
I rushed outside to wash my face
With the rosy glow of the smiling sun,
Thinking that I will always remain
A little girl roaming among these flowers ....
But, oh, the day always gave in to the night
That filled me with fright of growing old,
Wrinkled and wobbly like my granny,
And as the darkness' ink spread over me,
Alone, me and my doll clutched each other,
Thinking the world had been lost for us.
But again came a new bright day,
Reassuring me of myself and the world,
Showing everything is what it was,
Though the flowers had wilted in the vase,
I thought everything was sunny and sweet
Like the robin's melodious morning tweet,
But slowly the time took its toll,
It robbed me of childhood and my doll.

© Portia Burton
Portia Burton
Written by
Portia Burton  30/F/London
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