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Oct 15
Ive come to face my insecurities
No one will use them again against me
Ive walked the path of selfhate
Ive looked at my once pitifull reflect
And ive grown from them
I have come to accept
No longer will my power
Be taken again from me
By those whom show no sympathy
I was once drenched in regret
I had been confronted by it
Yet now i proclaim
That i need no pity
Nor fake empathy
I have become the very essence
I thought i would never be
Now i hold my cards
I decide what i play and
What i withold
And ive learned to not
Give myself away anymore
The one whom will bare the shame
Wont be me after all
I have been reborn
I have made my peace
These chains once strong
Cannot bind me again
I have heard the call:
Be steadfast and at ease
Do not settle for being defeat
Now you have received
The gift of being set free-
No one nor nothing will get to me
I have embraced with self acceptance
I have welcomed and deflect my
Faults and shortcomings
I have become the victor
Discarded the victim mentality
Revenge is when you do
What youve planned
Despite setbacks
Only i have the power
Over how much i let be
And this is my warrior outcry
I will triumph
Frederick le roux
Written by
Frederick le roux  M/south africa
(M/south africa)   
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