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Sep 2021
For these feelings
Foreign are they not
Heed thy anchors call
As too many moons have passed
Since the last breeze
Clung to cloth bedding
Pulling further away
For the love of the sea
Is stronger than the warmth
Any woman may bring
For her bounty may be blue
Yar to be warned
Her ***** be ever vast
Foreign are these feelings
Foreign is the care
Why your smile still
Stings at my heart
You shouldn't be aqui
In these butterfly sails
Causing mutiny upon me
My vessel battered
Wars have waged
Blood staining the bow
Cannons still smoking
Smell of gunpowder
From daybreak's call
Almost resting in the depths
Davy Jones locker
A too close encounter
I've sailed those waters
One too many past the 7
I know the fate
Dead men tell no tales
Where land stops
Nothing begins
You'll see what I mean
When your crew
Never reaches
The same port again
Robert Guerrero
Written by
Robert Guerrero
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