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Sep 2021
I was going to write a poem
asking parents
To raise their daughters not to be soft
To warn that their honey covered lips
Draw flies.
That the sweetness we have had
Shoved down our throats
Is choking us
When we want to scream for help.

But it is not your daughter’s fault.
Parents, do not raise your sons to believe
They are owed answers.
The honey on a girl’s lips
Was never theirs to taste.
Her body
Is not a trap, not a vice
It Is her space in the world, autonomous.
Only animals see traps.
She exists for no one but herself.
Sons, if she crosses your path
Ladies, this is your reminder to be rude and get the **** out of there if someone makes you uncomfortable. Got approached by a man yesterday while walking alone who made me wildly uncomfortable. My default is nice and honest and I panicked and let him talk to me instead of running tf away. Don't be like me.
Elaenor Aisling
Written by
Elaenor Aisling  27/F/body in U.S. heart in U.K
(27/F/body in U.S. heart in U.K)   
       Ayesha, Joey, Sarah Spencer and REY
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