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Sep 2021
A hot threat sizzles between the volcanic thighs of an exotically censored lady! Immediate and immortal annihilation in wasteland, like the superstitious formula of the Universe that everyone is already curious about! In a humiliating, apocalyptic failure to the ground, the beating heart forces itself into chess games! You will become a traitor if you try to believe in style - pretty, human phenomena! We explode into ourselves when we have to deliberately endure the pitfalls of failure!
The onion-dark shells of human personalities may not be allowed to be peeled by anyone other than the one we truly love so as not to be hurt; we have learned an eternal idea from the sincere pearls of tears, and a mischievous-grimacing little man lives with us in the depths of the onion peel soul! Even without rebellion, we can rarely fit into the creative-wanting community! Ingenuity and cunning purpose is rarely if it fits into our honor!
It would be good to step out of every curve mirror and accept that Reality is also a certain form of Appearance! Betrayals will encourage truths to dust off; the awe-inspiring shadow of Being is a motos-well in the depths of complex souls! As an orphaned antenna, the Child can only lonely, abandoned in our beating hearts: even a few can understand his unknown-familiar word!
A cherished swamp of a chubby face-case, if you are tense you can't make friends, build new relationships as much as you want! Our familiar fingers stroke through the year-rings of our memories and cut off our unnecessary remnants! "In our life, dripping killer nails are cynically pricked, waking you up!"
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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