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Aug 2013
have you ever been in an isolation tank i wonder how does it feel to be in there our body no longer feeling anything no longer stimulated no longer contaminated no longer tainted?

have you ever wonder how it would feel like to be choosen to partake in such a macabre experiment where one human being  voluntarily  floats **** inside a dark chamber dark blinded deafen and numb?

have you ever worry that one might loses his or her soul because of the prolonged silenced smothered in epsom salt floating not only a human body but also leaving a weightless soul to travel its way towards the astral plane?

have you even considered that the isolation tank is an insidious yet subtle way for someone who is suicadal to detach his or her soul no longer feeling the weight of the world only leaving his or her weightless spirit (conjured by a godly apparition) to join Him in his throne?
izzat haziq
Written by
izzat haziq  borneo
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