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Jul 2021
Life's little rollercoaster
Full throttle
Short ride
Here we go
Can I ride another
Stuck on this loop
In circles I go
Somebody fix the tracks
Fired the maintenance crew
Can I bail out
It's been a suspenseful climb
Now dive down with me
No brakes
Stopping is overrated
Out of track
Do I keep going
Why not
Only way I'll learn to fly
When it's no longer
Spam the buttons
Broken e-brake
Sad the last thing
I'll think about
Is why I never had a woman
Just to tell me
Riding an abandoned rollercoaster
Was a bad idea
Or restored it
Before I throttled it
Certifiable idiot

We interrupt this broadcast with breaking dead after rollercoaster flew off tracks..more on this at 5

Don't hold a memorial
Don't attend the funeral
Grab you a six pack
A pack of zigzags
Jar for the roach's
Bucket for the tears
Celebrate the moments
I was actually there
Grieve only for the notion
I became what I already was
A passing face
Dead before and after
I touched your tv heart
Robert Guerrero
Written by
Robert Guerrero
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