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Jul 2021
Dear God,
I know I have been so far away
Without words to describe my ways
But I know you care about me
When I care not about you
That's the love I can't express
Even when I was your empress
But If it means anything
I think about you every day.

I know I'm bound to lose
My glory in your throne
But you still gave me a crown.
I know my sin is as big as
The mustard seed
But still you forgave them
Like they were nothing.

I wonder what kind of God
Are you that care for the one
Who doesn't care about you
Despite making you jealous
You still overlooked those jealousy
And found me when I was lost
Out in the crowd of sins and pains
You still found a way to
Put a smile on a saddle face

It has always been about you
Even when I tried being God
Of my own. I'm sorry for
All I had to put you through
For my sake.
Please forgive me for being
A God of my own
Cause I'm lost without you
And if it means anything
I miss you Dear God

Lerato rikky
Written by
Lerato rikky  25/M/Nigeria
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