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I have only one wish
That wish is to kiss the only one I have ever
Loved with my whole being
And heart one more time.
The last time we kissed, we didn't knew what it meant, but life has taught me what it meant to kiss someone like you
Forbidden fruit all on my mind
Just like it was in the eyes of eve in the garden of eden.
All I want is just a garden kiss and a bite
And I will be wise forever.
Just a second and it's all done.
Just like it was in the garden!!!
Love that burn the soul
I once taught me and you would be an endgame at the end of the tunnel.
I let my fancy feelings and imagination think we could be forever.
I forgot you're a free bird that can't be caged in a stage of Life.
You always wanted to fly like a bird. That was the mystery I didnt understand.
But, how did I come to love you so true
Even when I was a womanizer of no dignity of self respect for myself.
I only wish you could stay with me forever
But, there is nothing like forever
Because we are all gonna be dusted to where we came from.
Dust to dust
Aches to aches
Where is the forever?
A love I can Never have
she was the one my heart earn for
The one my soul creep for
But she left so early before I could say I love her
My soul was quiet for 6 months
Cos I still love her.
She is a black goddess unnamed
There is no greater beauty than
What I see in you🤍
Lerato rikky Feb 18
I wish there was stars to look upon tonight
But it's just this cold chill night
That we need to embrace our love
And to those who can't find the love tonight
Dash to the pillow for warmeth
Lerato rikky Feb 18
How long must I continue to wait for that greater love that I feel for you.
There hasn't been any woman who can satisfy my soul the way you do.
But it seems I have to let go, if I don't wanna be consumed by forces beyond my control.
I don't wanna be a second Romeo mistake to you. Indeed you are the sweetest thing that I have ever known.
Just know that you're the greater love that I have ever loved.
My heart beat because of what I feel for you.
Lerato rikky Feb 17
never did I have faith in love
never did I wanna put my heart on the line
but the magic around her makes me feel I've  been hypnotized.

she brings me to my kneels
she can make a sinner rekindle his ways
she opened up her heavens gate and said
only those with the pure heart will get in.
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