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Lerato rikky Sep 2021
Have you ever wonder
why you feel like
nobody in the world
really cares about you and your mess

Have you ever felt
broken and crying
wasn't the only
option but you see
yourself fighting for

Have you ever long for
something so true
tht got deny at
the end of time

Have you ever been
in a terrible, horrible,
trouble bad day that
is bigger than the
oceans and seas
and you feel you
got no one to look up too.

Have you ever been in love
that wasn't so true
that left your heart
broken and given up on
life's beauty was the only

Has this statement goes:
Have you ever been,
Have you ever wonder,
Have you ever felt,
Have you ever long for?

It will keep on going
As long you keep
wondering why this? why that?
But, I'm here to tell you
No matter what the troubles are,
Or how rough the sea is or
Even How broken your heart has
taken, when it's still searching.

Just know that
You're timeless to someone
And that someone really cares

Lerato rikky Sep 2021
I wish I had a thousand life
to show you all this love
in a thousands ways
but I just got one life
to cherish every moment
in a thousand ways
cause the next minute
I might be gone forever.
I love you
Lerato rikky Sep 2021
Love me one step at the time
I'm new to this kind of
Love and it's been long
I have been there.
Lerato rikky Aug 2021
Her pains
Her fears
Her sorrows
were all flashing on
her eyes like there is
no tomorrow to hope and
lived for.

She has been caged in
A confined cave of loneliness
and pity from the society
she long for.
she has been made
A statue of mockery
in her own society

she has been deprived
of Her freedom, Her education
Her ways of lifestyle
she is now like a *** tools
to those hungry wolfs that
call their self taliban's
what a pity she was borne
and raised in such a society

where women are of low value
of important to them.
what a pity that
they caged them cause they
fear the lioness in them.

so I write cause I feel
their pains they would go
through even though they
don't get to see the Ray's
of the sun shining through

I write because I feel the
world is loosing it's humanity
for mankind.
I write because I feel the world
is given up on them
I write because we lost it
from the start.

© Lerato
Lerato rikky Aug 2021
How do I tell you
When I see you that
My heart race faster
My eyes can't move or see
Side ways except your ways

How can I tell you
How I feel when
You play me like
A piano with an
Unending melody
That flows through your
Lungs to your soul to
Haunt me with so much
Tunes with no harmony

How can I tell such
A person that my eyes
My soul, my being long
For her warmeth even
In the darkest hours of
Her love and Care...
Lerato rikky Aug 2021
I have seen alot of beauty
But not as glamour as yours
I had to wondered
What kind of smile
Can make my feet
Wander around
With so much joy
In me I say your
Black is so beautiful
Lerato rikky Aug 2021
The very thought of you
Makes me wonder how
Can I feel this way about

The main ideal of you
And longing here for
You never know how
I waited here for you

It's just the thought of you
The very thought of you
That I can still breath
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