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Jul 2021
Scratch the first thought
You dared to have
Thinking I'm referring
To that vacant feeling
Crawling in between
Layers of flesh
Not anymore
I warned you
The great **** river
Has ran dry
Lapped up
By over indulgent tongues
With diluted principles
Overestimated my secret stash
I kept hidden
Jokes over
Fort Knox is empty
Every **** is gone
That roaches don't bother
Thinking crumbs of one
May still remain
Dust doesn't settle
Where nothing exist
I'm perpetually lost
In the sense that who I was
Won't come back
Emotionally unstable
Balancing life on fishing line
All the while dancing
To the sound of my own thoughts
As they stampeded
Across marble floors
With lead soles
Deal with it
This is the me you wanted
The one you knew
In your subconscious
Given the chance
Won't hesitate to say
******* in the neck
As I'm skull dragging
That pathetic version of me
You so inclined to abuse
Walls are up
No one's getting in
You bombarded Area 51
Forgetting the other 50
Stockpiled with an arsenal
You weren't prepared to fend off
So relish in the dismal
Bleak fantasies of me
You ******* with
That won't let you peak
I promise it'll be faster
Using a corpses dead ****
I'm perpetually lost
To the era of once was
Forged ever so harshly
In the dawning of the era
I'll **** into a lake
Of ***** and blood
Joy to the world
I feel alive
So strike a match
Watch me combust
As two massive feet
Collapse your ******
Blessed is the New Founding Father
A man reborn
Purged of emotional filth
Baptized in ******
Yeah...I'm angry, but dead *** serious. Same reasons I hated myself while everyone loved me will be the same reasons I love me while everyone hates me
Robert Guerrero
Written by
Robert Guerrero
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