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Jul 2021
Every love story
Has a beginning
A surreal middle
Either happy or sad end
Mine only saw sparks
An ignition
With no fuel added
You just got here
Red hair
Cute blouse
White pants
Sandle like flip-flops
A recluse
I had to know
Somehow my lips
Met yours
With fear in my soul
Divorced dad
No real reason
To be even considered
One date
Steakhouse and a walk
Little conversation
Yet your silence spoke volumes
I read and comprehended
Each aspect you hid
Thinking your diary
Was locked and unreadable
You asked me then
What my intentions were
I didn't want a relationship
I didn't want love
But given the chance
I would have chased it
Held dearly to it
You just didn't get that part
You just saw the start
No real intention
Of your very own
My love story
A hopeless impossibility
Staging scenarios
Playing out in dreams
I've grown to despise
Knowing all too well
There is no point
Keeping you in my mind
So I'll place the period
At the end of this page
Bring this failed romance
To a decent enough close
I'm still viable
For the casket I'll fill
At the end of my own story
That's what you became
It was beautiful
Loving you for this long
Doubt I'll truly ever stop
I just won't let another
Bear witness to it
So the ones that know
Will forget I ever did
You don't need to know me
Even if in your head
I was a possibility
What you have seen
Is all that you'll know
So don't forgive me
When I'm not there
Waiting for the owner
Of my impounded heart
Robert Guerrero
Written by
Robert Guerrero
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