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Aug 2013
Can you hear the strange noise in my heart? It makes vrruuuum, vrruuuum , vrruuuum every time you nap fondly on my pillow.
My heart is a spy,  tic tac by the clock, carrying  the breeze in the  ball of a thumb, while 's quietly de flowering your dreams, layer  by layer.
As if exists a collection of you in the ******* of mankind !
A small brute ,  the naughty child playing kalasnikov games and puzzlling the answers, the teenager tucking  the drums, loud in all  radios and smashing pumpkins on nirvanaheads  spooning  on MDMA flying .
The   grown up's ready for work, bored as Peter Pan growing and sometimes funny when  life's a *****. I just saw you drinking Madeira  wine in  public toilets, splashing *** on your toes  while  dreaming  in rainbows of plastic.

I'm the frame of your dream. I'm here to take care of you while you're the squeeze of  the  petals and  the whistle into the sound of the music.
Barbara Nestor
Written by
Barbara Nestor
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