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Jun 2021
Silent when I need answers
Vocal only when I want solitude
You can't make up your mind
Which foot race it is
You wish to finish
So you run them all
Watching you change
As all your vibrant colors
Showcase themselves
Valiantly on display
What made you
Seem to find comfort
In the echoing caverns
Of uncharted brain cells
What made you
My greatest friend
All the while
My overwhelming enemy
What made you
Hate me as much as we do
The only thing we agree on
This torturous weight
Seven pounds accumulates
After carrying for so long
With weakening muscles
Once a valued trophy
Now bubblegum
Annoyingly attached to soles
Trampled on till recognized
Then discarded with everyday trash
What made you
Have a voice of an angel
Hiding behind 90 years
Of smokers cough
It's not so much
What it is you whisper
It's the calming of the wisdom
Behind each scream
That terrifies me to no end
So I run
Thinking if I do the opposite
I'll be free from myself
Even for a minute
Yet you knew already
It's in your design
To display what could be
While leading me
To what should be
No matter if it is
Exactly how I wish it would be
What made you
The way you are
Perfectly made for me
Robert Guerrero
Written by
Robert Guerrero
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