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Jul 2010
I wish the first moment I met you,
Would resound forever.

Never needing food or sleep,
Just content in your presence.

The feeling of love and awe,
Beauty captured in a moment.

My desire is to go back,
To that very first day…
And if I may,
I think I’d kiss you,
If just to say,
I’m yours.

To see and smell you’re autumn hair,
Matching you’re hazel glazed eyes perfectly.

How delightfully,
You kiss me.

Thy name is,
Such sweet remiss.

I will love you,
Then I will quench your thirst.

In half remembered ecstasy’s,
I will taste you when.

Your chest will rise tiredly,
Stuggling for laughter.

I will hug and cuddle you,
Showing that my love is not trivial.

I wake from the dream,
I’ll still remember that you are a godsend.

I used to believe there was something wrong with me.
And then I met you.
I used to be sick with loneliness,
But you cured it with you’re faithfulness.
Whenever I looked into the dark, I saw empty shadows,
Now it is you that fills the gallows.
Before I met you I was dead but a live.
Now I’m in love and living my life.
Whereas before depression and anger were present,
Now it is only happiness and joy, in every second.
I write these to let out my emotions,
So that you may cry tears of elation.
I want to scream out you’re name and etch it on my heart,
Because it most certainly beats with you’re mark.
I am not the smartest or fastest or tallest or strongest.
But I put in the effort and I’ll work for your content.
I promise not to you hurt you, if you’ll promise the same,
Because in the end we are opposites but one in name.

Loving You,
Is so painful,
Too cliché,
And risqué…

Too dangerous,
Too incredulous,
Too out of bounds,
Too without grounds.

A soul mate,
A friend,
A lover,
A mother.

It’s coming to a close,
And all these words, and ideas and moans,
They are my own.
But they are more yours than mine,
Because I am nothing, if not on you’re vine.
Feed me and pet met and water me too,
Show me lots of love, and like an angel sent from above,
I will radiate my light on you.

It’s not much, for sure,
But it’s what I’ve got.
It’s added to you’re presence,
Your heavenly beauty.

I’ll leave you with one last thought,
Something that shall not be forgot.
You’re only young and you’re only alive once,
So make it the best, make it loved,
That’s what I’ve done, what I did,
When I found the one.

John Ashton Upston
Written by
John Ashton Upston
     PrttyBrd, --- and Alexa Sz
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