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Jun 17
I am not ready for a pet….

some mornings I wake up
jumping out of my bed.
I stare at the sun for too long through the open windows.
But there are mornings,
when I don't wake up at all… .
My body,too heavy and the ceiling, too nice.

No, I am not ready for a pet…

If I used to love you and we don't talk anymore,you probably don't know this.
I tend to love too hard and break too much.
If another life leaves me on my own,
my body might survive…
But my soul, it is covered in bruises, I am afraid that there is no space for mending….

So, No, I am not ready for a pet…..

when I look at those puppy eyes,
my brain starts a race….
A race that I cannot finish….
Cause each time I sprint,
I fall back on my knees and I see a picture,
A picture of me…
So far away holding on,
to an empty leash… .
Falling in love can be really scary..
So let's take it slow...
One day at a time..
Gitu LM
Written by
Gitu LM  19/F/India
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