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Jun 12

Wouldn’t you love a piggyback,
Off of what I stuff a piggy bank?
Just leave the pieces on that table,
Where it used to sit with that jingle.
Shattered dreams with broken swine,
Scattered screams – my stolen dimes.

You don’t care about the bystanders,
You aren’t fair by your standards.
Confusion – your warning smile,
Conclusion – your warming style.
Words that feel hot under my collar,
Alerts where I wheel a rudder of honor.
You should be hanging framed pictures,
Instead you’re aiming pulled triggers.

Somewhere is the cheer,
I sit at a full table,
But my mind is the more crowded.
Anywhere but here,
From the inside surrounded.
Where to? About time I mounted.

A shiver shoots down my spine,
My heart accelerates,
I hear footsteps behind me,
But I don’t dare look,
I know they’re not even there,
I sleep soundly at night,
Knowing it’s all in my head.

I can’t get outdoors,
If I have to throw
Out doors for windows,
In order to grow.
So I’ll stay indoors
And keep ’em all closed.

You’re on the top floor? Sorry
But it’s a single-story,
Everybody’s got the same story,
Chasing the same glory.

If you think you fancy my time,
Better have deep pockets.
If you wanna see my insides,
You better have sleek sockets.
But if you wish to know my mind,
Be ready to weep by buckets.
Rickey Spence
Written by
Rickey Spence  21/M/USA
   Bogdan Dragos
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