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Jun 2021
It's human right
Lending a hand
To someone who
May or may not bite
When it's outstretched
Guidelines and rules
To keep peace
But here it is more strikes
On tally boards
You caught feelings
Even why you tried not to
Over used
Under appreciated
Here I go
Giving up again
When life's hammering
I try to be the back bone
Of every situation
The level foundation
Yet I'm scheduled
For more demolition
Before blueprints are made
A helping hand
Grabbed and pulled
Never grabbed and held
This is isn't right
For me to do this
To be like this
Hating my existence
When everyone else
Finds something to love
I'm the water hole
In the desert
Drying up
I can only fill so many
Before I go away
It never rains
So value me now
As shade and food
Are bountiful
I'll have given it all
Just to see you grow
Yet you never considered
My affection and gave back
You used and polluted me
Making me what I am now
A burning hole
Filled with ash and bone
Waiting for it to rain
To drown you out
And carry you far enough away
You'll appreciate me
When I take form
In another place
Robert Guerrero
Written by
Robert Guerrero
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