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Aug 2013
I've been waiting 68 days
22 hours
13 minutes
and 51 seconds
To literally bump into you
I hear the things they say
But they couldn't be true
You my friend are not small and shallow
With a height of 5'9
You tower over me
And your boyfriend is unattractive
So you must look deeper than
What the eye can see
Yes i've been waiting 69 days
21 hours
14 minutes
and 52 seconds
For you to notice me
Is it really that difficult
I know I don't stand out in a crowd
But if anyone were to go against our love
Your hand I would hold proud
Proud to have you as mine
I've been waiting this long
So what's a little more time??
Day 70
Is only one more than 69
And I'd love to 69
Well only if you'd let me
I've heard of your history with Jeffrey
He was boy 71
You smiled and laughed with him
Was he that much fun?
I know about the others too
Like Hinson boy 42
Or John 38
Didn't he show up to your date late?
And Kahlil 37 supposedly got robbed at 7/11
I know that must of been hard for you
But I've waited 2 long
Yes I've been standing by this pole four 3 hours
Just waiting to catch a glimpse of blue
Your favorite color
It honestly has become mines too
I've been waiting 71 days
19 hours
16 minutes
And 54 seconds
For my 1 and only....
Naomi Sa'Rai
Written by
Naomi Sa'Rai
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