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Jun 2021
Dig, level, set
Frame, stretch, nail
Processes repetitive
Outside looking in
Bird ******* eyes
Perched upon porches
Deemed easy enough a job
Physical demand obvious observation
Biased evaluation without involvement
You can read a book
Watch a video
Learn the process
Yet what's lacking
When yours doesn't look
Nearly as good
Or picture worthy of pastel colors
It's the intricateness of an artist
The detailed eye of experience
The mental strain of determining
Where exactly is sufficient for a days labor
Where we are
Isn't satisfactory so more motivation
Pumped into fuel lines
As augers break ground
Eagle eyes marking straight lines
As muscle puts in place
Never enough to be where you are
With the next 15 line posts
Dug, post in whole
Prepared to be conquered
Reach the end of a line
Thrill of the adventure
The end post is reached for
Still wanting the excitement
Add a corner post
Chase a new line
New obstacles unseen
Hidden adversities take form
Roots, nature's little ***** trap
Electric and gas lines
Humanities little twist
Comical to one
Aggravating to three
That's life is it not
Series of stages
Building and building
Fundamentally the same
Different with every line
Panels a little short
An inch or two longer
Maybe a jog adding a curve
Avoiding a hassle
Prepared for with careful planning
Executed by lessons previously learned
Going with the flow
But keeping an appearance
Making individuality transparent
To even the untrained
Without a perspective placed in sweaty boots
You shouldn't determine
Whether this job or the next
Easy or hard
Take into account
Clientele, human behavior
Outsourced obstacles manufactured
Seasons change
Constant reevaluating courses of action
Orchestrating others with mutual benefits
As wallets become less hungry
Piggy banks no longer butchered
Building the fence
May look easy to you
With knowledge learned
Instead of implemented
What's the point of having a car
If you still walk everywhere you go
Knowledge isn't experience
Experience is wisdom
Making metaphors out of labor
You probably won't participate in
Understanding is the ultimate power
Learning life lessons
Without having to wage wars
Robert Guerrero
Written by
Robert Guerrero
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