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May 2021
I'm not alone.

I have my thoughts to keep me occupied.
In my mind i'm still in your arms,
I can hear your words as you speak to me.

I'm not alone.

Although it may feel like that all the time.
I still have you in my mind.
Even though the hole hasn't filled sense your gone.

I'm not alone.

I was the one who wanted this.
It was my choice from the begging.
So why?
Why do I feel so lost inside?
Why does it hurt to think of my decision?
I regret my choices,
I shoulda listened.

I shoulda listened
When the voices of my heart whispered to me
The saddest tunes.
And when my mind broke into several pieces,
I shoulda listened.

I'm not alone.
Even tho I have no one beside me anymore.
I'm not alone.
I just have that lonely feeling.
I'm not alone.
I have my thoughts to keep me company.

And when my tears wake me from my daydream,
You're nowhere to be found.
It was my decision.
I regret that decision.
Because without you,

I'm alone.
Written by
Emily  F/wondering
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