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Aug 2013
Haunting voices now have you forever stuck in a trance
Telling you that today is the day, you can do it, just take a chance.
Uncontrollable impulses and feelings you cannot tame
You don’t know it yet, but when you’re done
You’ll have many to claim and 06351 will never forget your name.
You fought it hard, and all your known life
Today you did it; you took madam ****** as your wife.
An intimate secret your keeping locked deep inside your head
Before the night is over, you’ll be washing off all the blood before you go to bed.
He's now spreading there legs wide and making them scream
As he's stealing there innocence, I bet he whispered in there ears let me in for this is not a dream.
Something’s not settling very well, six more now have been found bringing his count now to eight
With road blocks and check points all around he knows why he can tell.
Acting like nothing has ever happened he’s in his house
Pacing back and forth he’s trying to be, quiet as a mouse.
Buying the paper and watching the nightly news
He’s looking for signals, he’s looking for signs
He wants to know, do the police have any clues.
Injecting himself trying to help mislead the investigator’s at the police station
Now he finds himself, the number one suspect in the investigation.
Adamant at steering them in the wrong direction
If he left it alone he would have got away with it all and with complete perfection.
Six consecutive life sentences he won’t finish he did receive
Cause he has a date with the needle while the families still grieve.
shortly after witnessing his execution and for the day for him to pay for what he had done
One of the victim’s fathers walked into his back yard
And blew is chest apart and wide open with his shotgun.
(SirCARSr 08-07-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr
Written by
Curt A Rivard Sr  Connecticut
   JAK AL TARBS, Sia Jane and shaqila
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