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May 2021
If it weren't for that smile
I chase on everyone's face
A symbol of approval
My life's not meaningless
I have a purpose
Or just an attempt
To give myself reason
Not to blow my head off
Or swing from that bridge
I've always given so many smiles
Earned one or two
Tried and tried
But I'll never be the reason
Anyone smiles forever
I'll be the reason
Someone cries before sleep
When it's my blood
Mopping up puddles of tears
*** for tat
I'll pray I'm forgotten quick
No one needs to know
The hell I go through
Smile please
It'll make this hurt a lot less
I'm smiling so why aren't you
Do you fear loosing me
Or that smile no one
Tries to hold onto
Robert Guerrero
Written by
Robert Guerrero
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