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Aug 2013
And so, I self medicate, To forget this so called life that I hate,
Just to escape for a moment in time, this life that's rightly mine.
In order to find some peace-of-mind...and get lost in time, to find myself;
What little is left, beyond the one behind the shelf.
I don't give a ****. What you say-- 'Cause you don't know my life that way,
Don't even shake or fake like a tree, nor pretend that you understand me.
Hell-yeah' I self medicate, helps me appreciate...this crazy life of mine,
The one you could not find, when you tried to beat me down.
Took my body made me frown, tried to choke-life out of me,
**** me {repeatedly} abused, misused, {served me up like hell}; now,
I'm bound because you fell.
Bound to the past, pain, and abuse
Bound to you, you poor excuse,
Bound too all those, you made me serve,
My father, my ****, you useless perv.
Yeah!!! I self medicate, helps me to love all that I hate,
Helps me to feel all I cant find,
Like hope, dreams, peace-of-mind,
Helps me recover all that you took,
Like pride, self esteem, love, and even joy;
You left me a funky little toy.
So, I self medicate, just to escape the pain,
Rise above the guilt and shame,
Rewrite my life and be whole again.
I don't give a ****!! What you think about me, I self medicate for just a moment-to be free
I self medicate, to be...The person that I was meant to be.
Written by
Skyy Blu
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