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Apr 2021
That feeling of just existing
Floating through life
Without a purpose
Wake up to the alarm
Maybe a bite to eat
Coffee a nice idea
As your racing out the door
Mess up on the job
Tiny details were overlooked
Grow tired of the commute
Daily headaches
Coming home to nothing
Till you're allowed
Being denied the opportunity
To be a parent
I'll accept that the decisions
I poorly made in annoyance
Have consequences
Yet limiting my daughter
And the time I spend with her
Shouldn't have been a result
Let alone an idea to punish me
It's torture
Cruel and unusual
So I'll just smile
Work towards the dream I have
It's a reset and reboot
Deleting the unneeded
Watch close
You'll miss how I win this
Robert Guerrero
Written by
Robert Guerrero
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