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Jul 2013
Spirits may come spirits may go.
The only talk to those they know.
Those who have a lending ear and listen to the others here.
Usually grey haired old bags with 20 cats and 40 ****.
But Anna isn't quite the same she's not what visitors expect.
She greets each one with a smile.
But their eyes can't see they miss by miles!
Instead the look upon her chest, for what a smashing pair of *******.
I even think the spooks just come to take a peak at her ***.
Imagine that a ghost on top with an enormous supernatural ****!
Slid between her silky legs until she screams and begs and begs.
A medium she thought it was, in fact it was an XL ****.
A frenzy in the reading room as more arrive to see her moan.
It's like a wiken **** now, at 44 she's in her prime.
I wonder who will "come" next time.
The psychic circle all a gasp, are playing with their mortal tackle.
Who would have thought she wore a basque, underneath a witches tac.
Now its like a wanking club, spooks and mortals all a tug.
finally she howls with delight.
Another soul has seen the light!
So remember when you see her pass check her **** and little ***, imagine she's on top of you in stockings basque and heels to.
Though one thing you should bare in mind...

Unless your dead forget it mate!
A birthday request
Micheal Wolf
Written by
Micheal Wolf  On the edge of reason, UK
(On the edge of reason, UK)   
   Passion fire hope and AJ
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