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Jan 2021
I hate looking at myself with no clothes on
I want to have *** but most of the time I tear apart my body and talk myself out of it
I even hate letting my spouse see me naked
I wish I could remember my childhood
I hate the things I do remember
I don’t know why I always cry
I want to save every one because no one saved me
I’m a people pleaser because I don’t think I’m enough
Sometimes I cry because I don’t want to go to sleep
The nightmares never stay away for long
I need everyone to love me and have a good opinion of me
I don’t want to die
Some days I just don’t want to exist
Sometimes it’s hard to remember who I really am
I’m so used being who I think everyone wants me to be
Most days I hate myself
I wonder how anyone else could not hate me to
I resent the kids at school that bullied me
I resent the family that were just as bad as the kids at school
I resent not having a safe space to grow up
I gave parts of myself away that I shouldn’t have because I felt wanted
Grand Piano
Written by
Grand Piano
   Caleb Kyme
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