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Jul 2013
She tried so hard to help
She knew that Death was something
Only Life could bring

She knew she probably did not
Change anything
She new that maybe she just made it worse

She tried really hard to believe that this
Was her purpos in life
She wanted to keep people away from Death

She wanted to bring people to life
Maybe because she was hollow
She was already dead inside

She did not want to see other people like that
What if she wasn't good enough to help
She wanted to keep people alive but maybe

She just made them more hollow
She might have given them strenght
Not the way she wished to

She might have made them strong
Not in the way that would make their word colorful
But strong enough to disappear

She would always be an empty shell
She would always be a Heartless soul
She would always be a Colorblind ghost
Written by
Emma S
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