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Dec 2020
How is your mind with mixed slants and disgusting complaints about another pleasing sight that you forgot to notice? As you know it is not you who forgot, it was the naked mind locked without practice and Identification you never saw the air bright with misty light flooding a confused mind.

No intrigued thoughts last indefinitely they pretend to be a reality but in the end, it is another place and thought you remembered for a second to keep your understanding clear of interference causing frictions of mine and eternity
Latch deeply the handle of sense and close the door to unwanted dispositions not meant to spoil a pure unconscious mind of evil surroundings lurking silently above dimensional lacerations beyond your own pleasure. No words to express the thoughts that pour out of deeply conditioned thought.

So gather those thoughts you don't remember and lock them away till the moment comes and you can present to the world the meaning of our existence of a world set free of uncontrolled behavior in a serious manner.

Hello mind, it is almost time to close all thoughts in this dimension of restless sincerity mistaking all of your thoughts never remember when the time is right. They will pour out in a different way that no questions will be asked. end the time is right. They will pour out in a different way that no questions will be asked.

Join your brothers and sisters and wake the mind of love, peace, and harmony, for the taking the chalice will fill to the top of eternity, and confusion will be softly lifted and put aside for other people of locked away beneath a planet of sad dimensional longing to be known. Bleakness has just started with deep knowledge coming into place.

Comfort each other and time will be easier.

DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea
Written by
Harriet Shea  80/F/Mesa Arizona
(80/F/Mesa Arizona)   
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