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Nov 2020
There's a song that reminds me of a feeling.
A feeling not easily grasped.
One Vaguely remembered.
Is it innocence or is it passion ?
Is it ignorance or is it belief ?
I cannot distinguish between them. It's like this feeling is locked.
If I cannot feel this. I have to ask myself.
Do I want this feeling ?
Why pursue something that carries with it a tinge of sadness.
Why pursue something that makes my heart sink.
I suppose I just don't like leaving things alone or unanswered.
I like to know what I feel. And Why.
Shouldn't we all in some form be like this.
Wanting to know ourselves. Not by name Or preference
But by understanding...
There's a song that makes me want to understand myself.
And I suppose I start by being confused. And then acknowledging that confusion. 
Wherever I go from here will be better than where I started.
It's okay to not know or be confused.
For That is often The beginning of knowing.
And knowing precedes understanding.
Written by
Abraar  22/M
       nish, Melanii and Jeremy Stacy
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