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Nov 2020
I am jumping up
Jumping down
I can’t control it
It is my medication
It is seroquel
Which can make my mind jump
You see I hate it hate it hate it
Tuck I wish it’ll stop
I feel like shooting into space
To shoot a cosmic concert
To help the dead enjoy the after life
The medication is pushing me up
For many reasons
Like he doesn’t want me to be lazy
He doesn’t want me get back to the old days where I made my family laugh
Ya know silly things made my family laugh back then
He doesn’t want me to put water on the computer to grow the money tree
He wants me to relax
And have fun
My medication might be trying
To push my house up to space
Leaving people on earth yelling at me
Saying you ain’t a normir mate
You are brainless and dumb
He might want me to go to bed and
Find it herd to sleep because of sleep apnea
My mind is a racing
Racing oh yeah racing
My mind is a racing
Really really fast
It is normal for a mind to race
But not before I went to bed
And yes I think I know another reason why my medication is making my mind race
You see I use to go to the pub in the city or Belconnen and I would hang loose in the city all night, maybe it is my medication saying your don’t go to bed
You stay up with us all night mate
Don’t go to bed early
Pubs are still open Brian
Don’t be shy Brian
You see, Brian, you are a man
And I am a kid
You go out with all your chums down the pub
While we stay home and laugh at you getting bashed up or teased by the clubbers
While I am suffering mate
I don’t want to go to pubs
Pubs are for yobbos and *****
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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