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Nov 2020
I gotta have some steak
Gotta have chips
Gotta have a Coca Cola
Telling my father
To go and **** a lemon
Is something I hated doing
You see I crack open a can of coke
And sink it down my throat
Yes that’ll be so great
I gotta have burgers
I gotta have fries
I gotta have fish and chips
Give half to the seagulls
Sometimes seagulls take the food
Directly from your hand
I like to PARTY really great for me
Have a steak and fries
And a drink of coke
Sink it down sink it down sink it down
Doing a big burp oh yeah
Have a coke have a beer have a wine
As long as mate my name is Brian
Don’t forget to say mate
Drinking is the way of the world
For every boy and little girl
I know life can get you down
But I can love it to the full without a frown
A coke is refreshing
A coke is nice
I used to go to the servos late at night
To ear chips and drink coke
I live my life to the fullest mate
And that is ME
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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