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Nov 2020
Canberra crowd
Canberra crowd
Are little young dudes yeah
They want to copy me with pat
Because they say I ain’t cool
You see
You see
Canberra crowd are dumb
They copy me with what I do
And take off my favourite things
You see I want
You see I want
To sing in a choir
I don’t people saying I am
Too intelligent oh know
All Canberra do mate
Is want to tease me
Me who is the mentally ill man
It drives me fucken sick
Canberra crowd
Canberra crowd
Are taking my adult away
And making me suffer like a little young dude
Well if I have to be one
Maybe I will
You see my mum wants me
To be good to Canberra yeah
And not video Canberra kids
Cause they don’t like it
Even if I say mate
That there are a lot of people who
Are on the video it drives me fucken nuts
But no other person gets copyright laws
Like fucken me
The world is out to get me mate
Canberra are taking my cool away
Like Glenn Johnston took my indeprndence  away
Stop teasing me Canberra crowd
With little girls and boys who looked like me
I am a cool kid mate you are a fucken man
******* canberra
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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