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Nov 2020
Yesterday I got on an action bus
Headed for Tuggeranong
And tony Parker and my brother Chris and a few of his friends were on the bus too
It went the normal way until it got to black mountain and because of covid 19 the bus stopped and told everybody to get out and social distance and I was listening to twisted sister and KISS and we all found it hard to get off this bus at this point especially when nobody was paying attention to the driver and then the driver got the police to come to distance everyone and we all complained saying we want to get to our destination and we don’t want to be here and the driver said I am sorry but that is the way the cookie crumbles and I got out some of my chocolates and started to eat them and some of the other passengers wanted some but I said NO and they told me to ******* and o just ignored her but I couldn’t ignore the driver as he said as I started to board the bus ‘don’t get on the bus yet and everybody was complaining saying please ignore the covid rules please ignore the signs that we ain’t social distancing just take us to our fucken destination because this is a bus
We all need to get to where we want to go
So let us go
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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