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Nov 2020
You see I am feeling tired and off
To ****** bed I have a Christmas party
With ***** to soothe my head
But what I actually see is
People partying everywhere
You see I was having an alcohol
All over my fucken eggnog
Like I saw a chocolate
Getting stuck in my arteries
You see I miss my dad but I. Know
He is with David and Lisa yeah
I am singing we’re not going to take it
With a bourbon in my hand
I sing tomorrow from Annie
Yes I feel really fucken rad
I watch reruns of Becker
Seinfeld and everybody loves Raymond
They celebrate Christmas differently
To normal family shows
I like watching Halloween shows
I love to scare my brother
But sometimes when I scare him
It backfires on me
I want to do singing
Learning songs I like to sing
I want to teach the world to sing
I was drinking with my mate Paul berenyi
Floating around the solar system together
And I welcomed Jeanie little to the cosmos
With her oh darling flaming attitude
She will be missed
My Nsnna really loved her
Now she sings occasionally on YouTube
As J R R
I put my Christmas tree up
Right near my teddy bears
You see I get up from my comfortable bed
To sleep sitting down
I see my friend lucky Scott daxton
Giving me a big frown
I was bad back then
And sometimes my mind tells me
That I should just try and relax
And sometimes sweat my lungs out
I watch shameless and it teaches me a lot
Of how people can get when they drink
Too much alcohol well I am glad I gave up
I sang you never care for secrets I confide
You see I was an ornament to my old trainers Facebook page
He pushed me hard and took my sugar
I found it very hard
But all he cared for was
Making him look good
I want things to go well
For me like they did in 2010
Everyone has baggage though
And I don’t want to have bad baggage on me
I want to learn jingle bells
And all I want for Christmas is you
And we sing let it snow let it snow
I Like silent night
And today I learned to learn songs starting with A B of flaming C
I am Brian Allan I like Bryan Adams
His name sounds like mine
I wish people treated me well
So I. could sleep longer rather than get up at two
Party party party with all the dead
I don’t believe in death though
Just passing from old life to new life
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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