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Nov 2020
Glenn Johnston never never cared
About my future goals
Unless they had something to do with
Fitness oh yeah
To him I was an ornament
On his Facebook page
You see he pushed me hard
Even if I lost weight
He’ll make me lose more
It was such a pain ya see
You see I won a medal
For losing the most weight
But I would prefer to win
An award in relations to my art
He said to always run
And he never cared
And he only did support worker
For the money yeseree
All he really cared about
How good it made him look
Like one of his clients
Was actually doing well
I am glad Glenn is in gaol
Because he was a ****
Never cared for my future goals in work
He probably said it was unfair
That I was getting help
While he had to figure it out for himself
But he wanted to push discipline into you
To make me fully functional oh yeah
I hate that ****** ****
Glenn Johnston needs to change
Because he has no right to
Push discipline especially
When he doesn’t follow it himself
You see being perfect was his game
But that isn’t my game
******* ya ****
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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