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Oct 2020
I feel like
Someone is sitting on me
Pushing me down
So I don’t feel relaxed
I want Patrick Enright
To leave me alone
To stop pushing me down
I want to feel cool
I want to feel relaxed
I want to have fun
Sometimes I feel it is my hooligan
Going from giving me itchy feelings
But suffocating my body
I feel Patrick is pushing the
Hooligan into me
Sometimes I feel
It is the fact that it is my cholesterol
Which could be causing it
Or it could be old time hooligans
Pushing me down
When I hop into the shower
Patrick said you are stuck
You are losing your energy
I don’t want fucken old time hooligans
Pushing me down
It could by skin cancer I have on my lip
**** I will be glad to get that off my lip
You see it could also be me just having
A schitzophrenic panic attack
I feel like god is pushing me down
Everyone is giving me an anxiety attack
Please stop please stop please stop
I feel like I am going to drop my phone
Lord knows I dropped my glasses
I had to reach over as I am having
My panic attacks
I Brain is weak my hand is dropping
I feel like I will want to use the seroquel
To push it away
But I am not like frank Woodley
Saying the panic attack olympics
The suicidal javelin
Making having a panic attack
Being an Olympic sport
Sometimes I feel like
I was feeling like I did in 2004 and 2013
Both years I went to the psych ward
I was excercising and I had weird dillusions
In which I didn’t want to get rid of
I feel like saying
**** ******* DROP DEAD
I watch the Sheffield shield cricket
Where records are being broken every day
I sometimes feel like getting a panic attack
When my carer always quotes me
Like when I say a family of musicians
Is just like mine
He will say did they put a guitar in your hand and play it
I said there are other reasons why
They are like my family
Politicians are driving me crazy
The coronavirus is driving me crazy
End of next year is the possible start to the vaccine but there is no proof the vaccine has been found
Trainers telling you to go to bed early
But deep down he just wanted to
Stay up and play with the kids
And now he is in gaol
Suffering oh suffering
But he needs to change
He needs to learn that talking to kids online
Is wrong
Very very wrong
Last night I watched Halloween concerts
You see covid can’t stop people from having fun @ Halloween
Please stop pushing me down
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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